About Me

All of my life I have been the short one in my family and within my circle of friends. Everyone always says height is based on genetics, and while that is true, I unfortunately was the shortest in my vertically challenged family. It was worse hanging out with my friends, who when puberty hit shot up like weeds, leaving me in their shadows. There’s nothing more awkward or intimidating than trying to have a fun night out with your friends and being the shortest guy in the circle. I was intimidated to go up to women because I felt like I didn’t live up to their fantasy of dating a tall man. At work I also felt like I was being treated like everyone’s kid brother, dumping work on me that wasn’t in my job description because they thought I was a pushover- and admittedly I let myself get walked all over because I was afraid to speak up. I felt like I didn’t have a voice because everyone around me intimidated me. Finally I got fed up.

I began researching methods of gaining height. I found lots of information about taking human-growth hormones, but I wasn’t too excited about a steady stream of injections and pills for the rest of my life. I held out hope, believing a more natural solution was out there. That’s when I found The Vertical Advantage System. Immediately I altered by exercise regimen, doing less weight-lifting and I started swimming laps. I became more aware of my diet, making sure it was more balanced, and higher in foods that contain Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid, L-Dopa and L-Glutamine.

This system has changed my life. Since starting the program I have grown three inches, and I am dedicated to continuing it so I can see how tall I can get. I am beyond thrilled with the results. Gaining those three inches has made me more confident in my business and personal relationships. My confidence has grown as well. My friends and family comment on my renewed attitude all the time. I feel better wearing clothes and have more self-esteem. The Vertical Advantage System has truly changed my life, and I recommend it to anyone struggling with their shortness like I was.