Being short is a disability?

With the amount of heightism going around the world these days, could one go so far as to suggest that being short could actually be considered as a disability?

In my personal opinion. YES. If you are a man.

For men, height is directly correlated with attractiveness. Shorter guys are seen as weak, and unattractive. In the workplace, taller guys carry more dominance in interactions and thus people naturally look up to them as a leader. A recent study revealed that 90% of top 500 companies of USA’s CEO’s were over 6 feet tall. Does that ring true? Sure does. Very few people can reckon with the idea of a guy who’s significantly shorter than average to be in a leadership position. It just doesn’t feel right.

If that was not enough, shorter men also finish last in the dating game. If you are 5’6 or less, it means that you are the same size as most women! This would hardly allow you to live up to the image of the “tall, strong protective guy” that every woman desires. Women have a hard time feeling feminine around men around men who are not at least 4-5 inches taller than themselves. Sure there are plenty of exceptions but you better have a darned charming personality or truckloads of cash to make a woman taller or same height as yours to go for you.

Why does life have to be so difficult for short men for no fault of their own? Well, no one ever said the world was fair! Learning to deal with it was the only option til now. However, with progress in science and medicine, it has been established that height increase IS possible even after you have finished puberty! There is always room in the body to stretch upto 3-4 inches. How would you feel your life would change for the better if you were 4 inches taller than you are right now? You bet you will start to feel the difference in your quality of life right away!

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