Celebrities in pictures: Famous men with taller wives/girlfriends

Many men, not just celebrities, prefer taller women. Many men prefer blondes or brunettes or red heads. There are a few men that always seem to have a tall wife or girlfriend. Those men are Tom Cruise, Rod Stewart, Keith Urban and Mick Jagger.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes


Tom cruise only stands at five foot seven inches tall. He has had two tall wives, Nicholas Kidman and Katie Holmes.  Nicole Kidman stands at five foot eleven inches tall. Katie Holmes is five foot nine inches tall. He doesn’t seem to be concern with his short stature as his wives were commonly seen in high heels, making them appear even taller than him. Tom Cruise’s marriage to Nicole Kidman was ended in 2001. Recently, Tom Cruise ended his married to Katie Holmes (2012).


Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster


Rod Stewart is another celebrity that seems to prefer taller women. He has had three wives and they all have been taller than him. He has been married to Penny Lancaster, who is current wife, Rachel Hunter and Alana Stewart. Rod Stewart stands at five foot ten inches tall. His current wife, Penny Lancaster is six foot one inch tall, which completely towers over Rod Stewart by over three inches. The couple have two children, Alastar and Aiden.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman




Keith Urban is married to Nicole Kidman. Keith Urban’s height is five foot ten inches tall. His wife, Nicole Kidman is one inch taller at five foot eleven inches tall. They have been married for seven years. The couple has two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.


Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall


Mick Jagger is the lead singer from The Rolling Stones. His wife of ten years, Jerry Hall was taller than him. His height is five foot ten inches tall. Jerry Hall was two inch taller at six feet tall even.Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall have four children together. The couple ended their marriage in 1999.

Men prefer women they find attractive for many reasons. Some men are attracted to a woman’s sense of humor others like their intellect. Some like tall women, some like short women. It appears that these men seem to prefer taller woman time and time again.