Celebrities in pictures: Men with taller wives/girlfriends

Who said you can’t get a tall girl if you are short. Below are some famous men who are seen being towered by their wives/girlfriends. Enjoy!


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Tom cruise and katie holmes were easily the most popular tall girl, short husband couples.  Too bad, they got divorced (the reason was unrelated to height), well at least katie can put her heels back on again!Not only they have a huge height difference but an age difference of 17 years as well! Tom is only 5’5, while Katie stands at 5’10 (5 inches taller than Tom Cruise)

In this picture you can see that Tom barely comes up to her shoulders! No wonder Katie isn’t too happy. That smile is definitely looks like a forced one! Cruise seems overly fascinated with women taller than him, the best example being his previous ex Nicole Kidman, who was also taller than him! That’s what Money and fame can get you kids. Height doesn’t matter if you are Tom Cruise.


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