Dressing and appearance Tips for short men

If you’re not a tall man it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be able to dress stylishly but it does mean that you’re going to have to make a little more effort when it comes to what you wear and what it does for your appearance.  The fact is, nobody is perfect but mens clothes already come with a ‘tall bias’ that makes finding stylish clothes that fit well a bit of a challenge. With that in mind here are several Tips that you can use to help you out when you’re shopping.  They won’t make you taller but they will have you looking good nonetheless.

Tip – Avoid dark clothes like browns and dark blues because they tend to ‘add’ weight and make you look shorter.  Lighter colored clothes paired (ironically) with black will accentuate your height as they will make you look thinner.

Tip– Don’t let your pants droop but instead wear them at your exact waistline. If you can afford it wear tailored clothes that fit really well but if you can’t do get them as well-fitting as possible.  If they’re too tight but especially too loose they’ll only emphasize your shortness.

Tip – Back to colors.  Never mix highly contrasting colors but instead go for a uniform color from your head to your feet. Suits with the same hues blended well with socks and shoes will make you appear taller.

Tip – V-neck shirts help to elongate your neck and this can make you look taller also.

Tip – When choosing a tie go for long and thin as this will make you appear the same. Bow toes and thick, heavy ties will do the opposite so avoid them at all costs.

Tip – For outerwear avoid long overcoats and very heavy knitted sweaters.  Moderately tight fitting sweaters that are small weave are the best.

Tip – Double breasted suit jackets are a big no-no for shorter guys as well as baggy t-shirts, cuffed pants and loud patterns.

And there you have them.  An excellent bunch of dress Tips that, even though they won’t make you taller, will make you look sharp no matter what your height.  Enjoy and good luck.