Exercises to increase height

The first secret to overcoming your genetics and gaining the vertical advantage over others is to learn the right kinds of exercises that will make you grow taller. These exercises are specifically laid out with the main purpose of elongating your body by making use of what we’ve learned from sports medicine and science. It’s these recent advancements in human knowledge that are finally allowing us to shed the myth that you can’t grow taller after puberty; you can! In fact, with only modest effort, the average human can increase his or her height by two to three inches. But the fact is, if you’re even more dedicated to gaining height, you can even grow more—here’s how.

Exercising to Get Taller—The Science Behind Why it Works

hanging-bar-growing-taller-200x300The secret to getting taller and gaining the vertical advantage over others is based on a recent discovery made through scientific studies. These studies show that the reason most people don’t reach their full height potential (and stop growing, leaving them shorter than others) is due to premature compression of the disks in the spinal column. This compression comes from exertion placed on the body by its own weight.

The study was so significantly astonishing that it was shown decompressing the spine would immediately give a person two to three more inches of height. Want proof? Tonight, measure yourself before going to sleep. Then, sleep flat on your back with no pillow on a flat surface (such as a floor) for eight to ten hours—this will decompress your spine. When you wake up, measure yourself again and you will see that you are one to three inches taller!

Unfortunately, the weight of your body throughout the day will recompress your spine, but the point is that if you could find ways to keep your spine decompressed, you could be permanently taller—not just in the morning. Thankfully, our knowledge of sports science allows us to combine this breakthrough knowledge with simple exercises which will permanently decompress the spine, gaining you that vertical advantage.

What Types of Exercises Help You Grow?

So, exactly what types of exercises should you be doing? Well, the best way to answer that is probably to start off with what exercises to not do. Weight lifting—long known to stunt your growth—is completely off the table. Why? Because adding weight to your body further compresses your spine. If the point of exercising is to decompress the spine, why do anything that would compress it further?

Instead, exercises that elongate the body such as swimming and pull-ups are perfect because they take pressure off the spine. We’ll get to the workout schedule and a lot more of the exercises in a few minutes, but first I feel it’s time to talk about diet since we’re touching on keeping weight off of the spine.

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