Why do women prefer taller men?

Almost everyone is aware that women prefer tall men or at least men taller than themselves. Since the average height of women these days is 5’5, if you are 5’5-5’6 you are the same height as the average woman and chances are you will be towered over by a good chunk of women, thus making you extremely unattractive as a man! Ask any girl if she would like to date a short guy and she will crinkle her nose “NO” “not for me”.. or “gross” On the other hand tell a women that her girlfriend’s partner is 6’2 tall and she will be green with envy and drooling for him in no time.   so why do majority of the women feel that way?  Short guys to girls are what fat women are to guys.

The answer lies in the way women are supposed to be “hardwired”. In historical times, the taller and the more alpha guy would be the best hunter and thus all the females would want his genes for their off spring, so that their kids could be alpha too.Same concept applies in the modern world. Women want better genes for their children. They want their kids to be the dominant of the lot, not the ones getting looked down on.

Taller men look more attractive. They look more imposing and dominant, which naturally comes as an attractive to women. The way a woman feels around a tall, broad shouldered man can’t be accomplished by a short guy. Women like to feel “feminine” and supposedly only guys significantly taller and bigger than themselves can help them accomplish it. A survey concluded that in an ideal situation women want their guy to be 110% of their height. for a 5’5 girl, A 6’1 guy would be most attractive physically.

Another important reason is the hype created by society that taller is better. A girl who is dating a short guy, or worse a guy shorter than herself will get mocked by her friend circle and even strangers! A friend who is 5’9 dating a 5’6 guy gets nasty remarks from strangers all the time who just can’t help telling her that they don’t look good together! A woman is very conscious about what impression she creates when being with her man. If it’s a disrespectful and embarrassing one, she will not want to be associated with the guy. Thus shorter men are perceived to have low social value, another important thing women look for in their partners.

Since taller men enjoy more success in life than their shorter counterparts, they are also perceived to be better protectors. They are physically more capable of protecting their women against outside attack thus making their girl feel secure when she is out with him. Taller guys are also appear intimidating, as a result there is a lower chance of someone trying to harm his girl. A short guy is seen as less intimidating, so a beautiful girl would feel vulnerable when out with him. Since taller men earn more, they are also considered better providers for the family.

Because of all these factors, short men find it increasingly difficult to score with the women of their choice. The worst part is, they didn’t ask to be born a short guy! Imagine having to go through all that hassle and not being able to do anything about it!

However, there is good news! You can increase your height even after puberty! Want to know how?

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